The strange and magical world of gluten free grains!


Soooo contrary to popular belief once you become gluten free you aren’t just limited to rice, corn and licking rocks.  There are heaps and heaps of interesting and exciting gluten free grains and flour alternatives popping up all the time.

This is the sad reason that I get excited every time I see a new health shop that could offer a new flour I have never seen before or a new grain that could be used!

My pet favourite of the moment is Millet.  I came across Millet when I was trying out the gluten free wraps available at IKU a wholefoods food shop which has a number of very exciting and interesting gluten free options. They used Millet in their wraps and as well in their “snack balls” which are all extremely tasty.
If you are close to one of their shops I highly recommend you check it out.
Watch out for the gluten free vegetable lasagna, I would probably eat it every night if it wasn’t a teeny bit expensive.

Millet can be used as something different to rice or even as a side to meats and vegetables instead of potato. It is also very similar to cous cous (forbidden to us) so can be used in salads as well, I haven’t yet tried it in a Moroccan dish but this is my next big adventure and will make sure I let you know how it goes.

To cook:

  1. 1 cup millet, 2 cups water (use as parts if you want more or less)
  2. Simmer for 20 minutes
  3. Take off the heat and cover and stand for 15 minutes

Depending on what you are serving it with you can just enjoy the nutty flavor, boiling it in salted water.  Alternatively you can add a little flavor with a stock cube or other herbs and spices.

If you have any fantastic millet recipes or other interesting grains you have come across please share!


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